Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rainy Season

View EastI guess the rainy season is here at last. We have been told that it begins in August but that is has been dry this year with hardly any rain. When we were here a month ago, it rained only once in two weeks. This trip though, we have seen rain nearly every day at about this time, 4PM or so. It reminds me of summer in New Orleans where you can almost set your watch by the afternoon thunderstorms. Unlike New Orleans though, these Thai storms settle in pretty well and might go on until morning.

From our hotel room on the 39th floor, I can see clouds gathering from miles away, and when they arrive the puny electric lights in the room compete in vain with the lightning right outside my window. The worst of it is that the Hotel TV is on satellite so when the rain comes and there are few options for outside activities, that is the precise moment when the TV goes out as well. Glad I brought some books.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lunch today was high end. I paid 65 baht ($1.75) for the Pad Thai with Shrimp you see here.

JumboA few days back I snapped the pic of the shrimp while at a different restaurant. Jumbo shrimp does not do these guys justice. Two of them make more than a pound.


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