Sunday, October 22, 2006

Phang Jangloey

Yes, it's 2:00 PM in Houston, which means that I am up at 2:00 AM Bangkok time. It's not really a problem because tomorrow is a Thai holiday (Oct 23 Chulalongkorn Memorial Day) so we don't have to keep to our normal schedule. As a result, I decided to stay up and watch NFL footbal LIVE instead of delayed by a day or so.

TreetrunkNormally, I get Sunday night football during my Monday morning workout, and Monday Night Football during my Tuesday morning workout. But since we can play it free and easy tomorrow (today) I am watching the Steelers and the Falcons in real time. It is not only a pretty good game (currently 21/24 PIT) but I end up with the raw feed here. No cuts to New York for the tedious commentary by NFL "has-beens" for me. While you are watching that, I am watching the uneditted cameras in the stadium searching for the "local color" shot that will make the next sequence memorable for the TV audience. I think the color commentators are aware that we all all watching here because the commentators are amazingly PC (politically correct) while you are watching commercials and what not.

Anyway, we took another trip to Chatuchak (Jatujak) market this weekend. It was pretty much like our trip last month (see the archives on this blog) but we found some amazing wood carvings. The pic here is an example, but take a good, close look at the pics in my photo album here for more. Don't rush. Look closely and slowly. You will be amazed as we were.

Other than that, it has been just another weekend in BKK.

Anni Thao Rai? Phang, Jangloui!!! Lot DaiMai? Mai Dai???? Mai Pen Rai.

(How much is this? Ohhhhhh so expensive!!! Can you discount? You can't????? No problem.)


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