Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's like food......

Egg VendorIt seems like food is a dominant topic for me over here in Bangkok. I've never before been so preoccupied with food. When I was a kid, I recall telling my Mom that eating was a waste of time. Sleeping too. How things change eh? But here, the food is all so different and so "in your face" that it makes it interesting and worthwhile.

Deep FriedCornI had my first "street food" today. What do I mean by "Street Food?" Well take a look. These vendors are all within a two block section of Sukhumvit road near our hotel. Not a two block radius, two linear blocks. I walked up the street for one block, and back down it for another block... That's it. Oh, and I also bought my street food, a nice bowl of shrimp fried rice for 350 baht - 95 cents. Street food is cheap - and good.

Great 95 Cent Lunch I am only putting a few pics here on the BLOG. There are fifteen located at my photo album under Thailand - Food, so take a look there if you want to see more. Like I said, it's worthwhile.


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