Friday, April 28, 2006

Chuck's Circumnavigation

Santa-Chuck and his crew of elves went all out on this ride just three or four weeks ago. This route is 330 miles and could take you 10 hours without including meal and gas stops. Now, that's according to my mapping software, your times will vary - usually shorter. Santa and his elves ran it including meals and gas in 7 1/2 hours.

Anyway, load up and take this ride when you want to see just what all the hubbub is about in the territory NorthEast, North, NorthWest, West and South of Houston.

Here's how Chuck saw it:

We met at Dixie Diner, IH45 @ Dixie Farm Rd(1959). Left diner at 9am
Leave the Diner through the parking lot back to 1959 and turn left to SR 3

Take 3 to Genoa Redbluff, turn Right to RedBluff

Take Redbluff to 146 and Turn Left to Mont Belviu

Continue on 146N through Mt Belview to 1942. Go left

Be careful
on the RR tracks crossing 1942. They are very rough–slow down
Continiue on 1942N to Barrett.
1942 merges with 2100. Follow 2100 left

2100 N through Huffm
an. North of Huffman, 2100 becomes 1485
1485 W through New Caney, past IH59 to 242. Go left

242W past IH45 to 1488. Go left

1488W to Magnolia. At 1774 go right

1774N through Plantersville to Anderson. Stop in Anderson to top off gas.

See historic old court house and memorial to Confederates

90 N out of Anderson to 244. Go left

244NW through Carlos. Stay on 244 over 30 about ¼ mile to Yankee
Tavern on your right. Great food, cold drinks and biker friendly. LUNCH We got here at 12:30pm

Starting back - 244SE to 3090. Go right.
Have you ridden the 3 sisters? 3090 is sister #4 with 20 miles of twisty roads and great views.

3090S to Hwy 6 (outside Navasota. Go right

6S to 90/105. Go right

105SW (Tx Independence Trail) to 390. Go right

390N and W through Independence to (intersection of 290). Gas up and rest.
Go right on 2
290W just a short distance to 2502. (stay in left lane on 290). Go left
2502SE to Nelsonville. At 159 go left
159E to Hwy 36. Go right

36 SE through Bellville to 529. Go left

529E to 359. Go right

359S through Brookshire, over IH10 to Flulshear (1093). Go left

1093E to
359. Go right
359S to Hwy 90A. Go right

90A a short distance to 762. Go right

762S to 1462. Go left
1462E to CR42. Go left.
This is a narrow 2 lane 1 bike road. Spread out and enjoy the scenery but watch out for wildlife.

CR42 E to 521. Go right

521S back to 1462 (about 2 miles). Go left

1462E into Alvin
We stopped the trip here.
Take your own route home from
370 miles from Dixie Diner to Alvin. Time was 7.5 hrs. Enjoy the ride “Santa” Chuck

Thanks for another great looking route Chuck


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