Monday, May 01, 2006

Chuck's Ride to Onalaska - Update

Chuck sent this one in the other day and I think that I'll have to give it a shot soon. It runs up to his favorite part of our region and circles Lake Livingston peaking at the City of Onalsaka, TX. I'm a little suspicious because I can't find the resturant he cites on my map nor on my GPS. And one of the roads is mysteriously missing on my map, but these are all things that will just end up making the trip more fun.

UPDATE: I am happy to report that Jerry's Resturant DOES exist, and it is in Onalaska. Cross the first bridge and start looking for it on your right before you get to the SECOND bridge. Chuck is right, the food is good and the folks are friendly. We got there early, before they started serving lunch. Ron had breakfast, but they accommodated me with a pork chop, mashed taters with white gravy, field peas and fried okra. Ron had to sit and watch as I ate the bread pudding desert. Y'see, breakfast doesn't come with desert (heh, heh, heh!)

Pay particular attention where you see the yellow routing on the map below (and blown up to the Right) That's where the road is missing on my map. FOLLOW THE YELLOW until it joins back up with the green in Shepherd. The Yellow matches the the turn-by-turn directions below. You'll be ok if you miss that turn, but you may miss a couple of nice views of the lake too. The GPS says all is well - "trust me."

UPDATE: I can also confirm that the yellow road DOES exist and it DOES go all the way through as shown here. Ignore your map, it really is there.
I guess the only other comment we can offer is that 523S is a really nice twisty road. Lots of fun. There are other fun spots on this trip too, so you should try it out.

Even if all you do is remember
how tall pine trees grow, it'll be worth your while.

Here is Santa-Chucks trip to Onalaska:

Meet at Diner IH45@ Dixie Farm Rd (1959)
E on 1959 to Hwy 3 (go left)
3N to Genoa Red Bluff. Go right
Genoa Red Bluff to Red Bluff. Go left
Red Bluff to Fairmount Prky. Go right
Fairmount to 146. Go left
146N to 565. Go right
565 NE over IH10 to 1409. Go right
1409N to Dayton. Cross over 90, over RR and 1st street, turn right onto 1008.
1008N to 321 Go right
321N to 105. Turn left
105E to Cleveland. Turn right on business 59.
59B to 2025. Turn left
2025NW to 945. Turn left
945NW through Evergreen then stay on 945 N and E to 156. Turn right
156E just a short distance to 224. Turn left at light. This is a neat twisty road so watch your speed.
224N to 156. Turn right.
156N to 190 at Point Blank. Turn right.
Take 190N to Onalaska. Before the (second) bridge over Lake Livingston you will find Jerry’s Rest on your right. Good food at great prices.

From Jerry’s Rest, take 190E to 3126. Go right
3126S around lake to 1988. Go right
1988S to 3278. Bear right
3278SW to 222. Go right
222S to Shepherd. Go left on 59B briefly to 223. Go right
223S to 787. Go right
787SW to 2518. Go left
2518S over 105. Stay on this road. It becomes 163 and then CR2316. It terminates at 1008. Go left.
1008S through Kenefick to Dayton

At this point, rider can elect to save time and take 90 or 146 home. Long way is reverse course from route that morning.

The ride is about 6/7 hrs with gas stop at Cleveland and Onalaska for gas and rest. Mileage is 302 miles on long route home.

Enjoy the smells of and the lake effect (temperature). Good views and good roads with something for everyone.

“Santa” Chuck

Chuck is heading to Colorado and Utah this week. He promises some routes
for those of us who want a slightly extended trip when he gets back . Stay tuned.

If all this route reading is making it even harder to tend to the necessities instead of riding every day, check 'cause we've got our big trip to Arkansas coming up soon. You don't want to miss those twisties.


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