Sunday, April 09, 2006

Alvin to Bellville and Fayetteville

This is a great day ride from most anywhere near Houston. Start at FM1462 headed west from SR-288. You'll get a couple of sweepers within the first two miles and in just a couple more miles, you'll be scraping your pegs on CR-42. The fun doesn't stop there either.

Be sure to stop at Newman's bakery in Bellville and have lunch at either Round Top or Fayetteville.

The ride back from Fayetteville is more direct than the ride up, but there are still some fun turns in that section too.

Turn by Turn directions courtesy of Spongebob
FM 1462 west 2.2 mi to FM 521.
Turn right onto FM 521.
FM 521 1.8 mi to County Road 42
Turn Left on CR 42 at Sandy Point Baptist Church 8 mi to FM 1462.
Turn right on 1462.
Take 1462 4.5 mi to FM 762. Turn right.
FM 762 35.5 mi to 90a, turn left.
90a 3.5 mi to FM 359, turn right.
FM 359 8.2 mi to Winner Foster Rd aka "the road between the white picket fence". Turn left right after seeing signs for GATE 1 and GATE 2 by the wooden fence on the right.
Turn Left on Winner Foster Rd 4.2 mi to Bois D Arc Ln.
Turn Right on Bois D Arc Ln 3.5 m
i to FM 359/1093.
Turn left on 359/1093 and go to intersection in Fulshear. At the light in Fulshear you will need to turn left at the light, which is 1093 continued.
Take FM 1093 to Simonton. Turning right on FM 1489. Take 1489 into Brookshire.
Turn right on 90a and turn left onto FM 359.
Take FM 359 to Pattison. Go straight on FM 1458. (This is what we call "Racer Road".)
Take Racer Road to FM 3318. Turn Right.
Take this road until you see a sign showing a Dead End. Turn right and go across bridge Mt. Zion Rd.
Take Mt. Zion Rd. to Sunny Side Rd. Turn left. Take Sunny Side Rd. thru the left curve, then a right curve. You will come to a T. Turn left and then take curve to the right and ride to FM 529.
At FM 529 turn left. Take FM 529 to Bellville. At FM 159 turn left. Go across Rail Road Tracks.
Newman's Bakery is on the right. Take a break and eat something fattening.

Take FM 159 thru town, go around Bank and continue on FM 159/Hwy 36.
Take a left onto FM 159 just across the street from the Shell Station. Stay on FM 159 thru Industry, Tx.
Just outside Industry you will turn right onto FM 1457. This will take you to Round Top.
When you get to Round Top, you will need to make right turn at the Town Square. At the intersection past Royer's Round Top Cafe (good for lunch if you're hungry), turn left onto FM 237. Take FM 237 to FM 159. Turn left. There will be a sign for the Cedar Creek Reservoir / Fayetteville.
FM 159 will take you to the town square.

For return trip, turn left on FM 159, go a short distance and look for Phone Company building on the right. Look for FM 1291 sign. Go right. Stay on this road to Frelsburg. Go straight across intersection, road changes to FM 109.
Take FM 109 to New Ulm. Turn right onto FM 1094. Take 1094 into Sealy. Turn right onto Hwy 36. Take to I-10. Take I-10 East to Houston or take Hwy 36 to Rosenberg. Take a left at the stop sign, staying on Hwy 36. Take a right onto Hwy 36. Take Hwy 36 to Hwy 59 North.
Hwy 59 North to FM 762, exit and turn left onto FM 762.
Take FM 762 to FM 1462, take a left and take to Hwy 288. Now go home cause your butt is tired. ENJOY!

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