Thursday, April 20, 2006

Goldwing LCD

Isn't that a nice view from the cockpit of the 2006 Goldwing. OK, I admit it, this is a pic of a 2001 wing. Can you spot the differences? (There are at least three that you can see from this pic. If you all participate and email me your guesses, I'll publish the correct answers next week)

I couldn't get a nice pic of Brenda's cockpit what with flash, focus and overall photographic incompetence on my part, so I pulled this pic off the web. The point remains the same and that is that it is startling to me how dependent you can get on instrumentation, and how quickly.

The LCD screen went out on Brenda's wing last week. Three quarters of the screen was a sort of streaky black and you could see the display trying in vain to change as the situation demanded. The other quater was clear and unchanging. In all, the LCD screen that is home to the odometer, trip meters, time of day, audio status and settings, CB information, and on some wings the GPS was totally useless. I felt like I was flying blind. And on a month old wing with only about 2000 miles on it. My Harley never had this problem. 'Course it never had an LCD screen, CB or Stereo either, not even a clock. It does have two trip meters though, does that count?

After some schmoozing at Pasadena Honda, Mark the service manager ordered a new LCD screen for me last Thursday. Don't even ask how I got him to do that without even bringing the bike in for a look-see. Maybe I just have an honest face. Ok ok, I honestly have a face, is that good enough?

Well Mark's faith in me paid off. While I waited today, they replaced the $700+ component and now all is well again. No word on what caused the failure, but apparently they've had this problem in some previous GL models.

This one went all the way to Honda engineering though because it is the first failure of this type on a 2006 GL. Can you tell that I am basking in reflected glory? I am also hoping that the rest of you '06 owners don't have this problem, but if you do, rest assured that Mark has seen it before, and if he takes care of you like he did me, you'll be one satisfied customer.


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