Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jim, Jim, Jim and Roger's wild ride (to Vegas)

Some of our friends have a different idea about the makings of a relaxing ride. Here is how one of the Jim's saw their recent trip to sin city:

We met at 5:00 am Friday The 14th in the Lowe's parking lot by Gulfgate. Off we went into the fog, taking the 610 loop around to 290 towards Austin, where we then went north on US 183 to TX 29. Stayed on TX 29 through Llano (it was still too early for lunch at Cooper's). Then took TX 71 to Brady, US 87 to San Angelo, through Big Spring and Lamesa. In Lamesa, we picked up TX 137 to Brownfield, then US 380 into New Mexico. Stayed on US 380 until we got to Roswell, New Mexico, where we spent the night after riding about 725 miles.

The aliens are very friendly there, so feel free to check into the Ramada Inn on the west side of town. Saturday morning we left Roswell and headed out on US 380 towards Socorro, where we had lunch. Then we took US 60 into Arizona, and at Show Low, took AZ 77 towards Holbrook, where we headed west on I-40. Made it to Flagstaff, where we spent a COLD night. Sunday morning (with the temp at 31 degrees) we headed further west on I-40, where we exited at #139 and got on Historic Route 66, re-joining I-40 at Kingman. Then it was west on AZ 68, crossing into Nevada where it turns into NV 163.

When we got to US 95, we turned left and rode about 1 mile to make a ceremonial visit to California. Then it was back up north on US 95 to our destination. We arrived at "Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall" early in the afternoon. After freshening up a bit, we rode to the airport to greet our wives, who had just arrived on a Southwest airlines flight. Seems it only too them 3 hours to get there instead of 3 days. But they missed out on things like dodging (and sometimes hitting) prarie dogs, seeing various wildlife along the way, getting a case of "monkey butt", wondering what would happen if you broke down in the middle of the desert where the nearest mechanic was 300 miles away, or having that full, bloated feeling, and knowing the nearest bathroom was at least an hour away. They also missed some of the most incredible scenery anywhere, that can only be enjoyed from the seat of a motorcycle. You could never get the same things out of a trip like this in a car. I know, because now I've done it both ways.

Thanks for the trip info guys. Glad to have you back.


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