Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chuck's Ride to Big Thicket

Not every riding group has their own Santa, but Midlife Cycles not only has one, they have THE one. And in the off season, Santa runs the back roads of Texas, Colorado, Utah and who knows where else under the alias of Chuck.

Last week, Santa-Chuck went on a loop to Big Thicket National Park

Here is the ride the way Chuck experienced it:

I left Dixie Diner and rode the back roads about 1 hr to Mt. Belvieu, then N to Rayburn, Romayor, Ace then E to Segno and started back S via Saratoga and E to Batson. I stopped for gas here at 160.4 miles. Some basketball 3-4 graders had buckets at the intersection 770/105, I needed a stretch, so I walked over. Their coach was there - it seems they made the national basketball playoffs and were collecting money. I gave them a $20 and told the kids and adults about our ride next Sunday (Ride for Kids). They may stop by. Neat bunch of kids - I had to spend more time telling them about MidLife Cycles since they saw the emblem on the back.

I got to Anahuac at 12:30 and had some of the best CFS, home made
mashed and a super fresh salad bar. Finished with a wonderbar homemade peach cobbler with blue bell. $10 w/o tip. It is called Woods Catering and it is just West on 61 at the intersection of 563. Headed home and arrived at 2:30pm.

The total trip from Dixie Diner was 242 miles
and driving time was 5 hrs. The fresh, cool, sweet smelling air was to die for. This is not the part of Tx where you see blue bonnetts and Indian paintbrush but lots of other flowers and greenery was everywhere from the recent rains. I'm still amazed to see houses with blue tarps from Rita and many with no one living there. Hope you had a wonderful ride today (if you went) and if not, shame on ya! "Santa" Chuck

Exit Dixie Diner (IH45/FM1959) and go 1959E to Hwy 3. Turn Left
Hwy 3N to light at Genoa-Red Bluff. Turn right
E on Genoa-Red Bluff to Red Bluff Rd. Turn left
NW on Red Bluff Rd to Fairmont Prkwy. Turn right
E on Fairmont to Hwy 146. Turn left
N or 146 to Business 146 - bear right
E on B146 to 55. Turn right
55 dead ends into 2354. Turn right
2354N to 3180 (bear right)
3180 over IH10 to 565. Turn right.
565E to 1408. Turn left
1409N into Dayton. At light, go over Hwy 90, over RR tracks to stop sign. At first street after RR tracks, turn right (1008). Fill gas in Dayton if small tank
1008N to 321. Turn right
321N to 163. Turn right
163E to 2518. Turn left
2518 (over 105) to 787. Turn right
787NE to 2610. Turn left
2610N to 146. Turn left
146N to 943. Turn right
943E to 2798. Turn right
2798S to 787. Turn left
787SE to to 770. Turn right
770W to Batson. Fill gas tank (160 miles from Dixie Diner)
At Batson, 770 heads south.
770S to Shiloh. Turn left on 563
563S to Anahuac.
At 4 corners in Anahuac, turn right off 563 to 61. Follow 61W (.2 miles) to Woods Catering on left. Good quality food at excellent prices. Homemade peach/apple cobbler.

Going home, take long or short route depending on time. I took short route.
Back to 563N to IH10.
IH10W to 565. Exit, go under IH10 SW on 565
565SW to 146. Turn left
146S to your exit.

Thanks for the route Chuck.


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