Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kelly's Eats & Sweets Ride

For all you budding route planners out there, here is a challenge for you. Find a route in a heavily urban setting that is interesting, pretty, twisty and results in a full belly and happy palate.

That's exactly what Kelly has come up with on this short ride. It is perfect for a quick evening trip with someone special, or a couple dozen that are not so special but who happen to be around. And he gives it to you just in time for Friday or Saturday Night. Have fun.

Here is how Kelly rides it:

This ride takes you into the city through Herman Park and over to Freebirds for the eats side of the trip, then to the Chocolate Bar for the sweets side, and then throws in a nice set of twisties to top it all off before heading home. The ride can accommodate a large or small group of riders, out for lunch or dinner. Make sure to test all the flavors of ice cream before you decide!


Start at 288 and 518
288 North 11 miles to N Mac Gregor Way and turn left
N Mac Gregor Way 0.9 miles to Outer belt Dr and turn right

Outer belt Dr 300 feet to Golf Coarse Dr and turn right

Golf Coarse Dr 1.1 miles to San Jacinto and turn right

San Jacinto 0.25 miles to Binz and turn left

Binz which will turn into Bissonnet 0.4 miles to Parkway (Y in the road) and turn right

Parkway 300 feet to
South Blvd. and turn left (one way street stay right)
South Blvd 0.4 miles to Dunlavy and turn right
Dunlavy 0.5 miles to Richmond and turn left

Richmond 0.6 miles to Greenbriar and turn left

Greedbriar 800 feet and turn left into Freebirds parking lot

Freebirds World Burrito

3745 Greenbriar St
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 524-0621

Leaving Freebirds -
Take Greenbriar North (right) 0.5 miles to W Alabama and turn right

W Alabama 0.4 miles to The Chocolate Bar
The Chocolate Bar

1835 W Alabama
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 520-8599

Leaving The Chocolate bar - (note from editor - pump up your suspension a few ticks)
Take W Alabama west (left) 0.3 miles to Shepherd and turn right

Shepherd 1.6 miles to Allen Parkway and turn right

Allen Parkway 2.1 miles to I45 and turn right (South)

I45 South 1.3 miles to 288 and turn right (South)

288 South 13.4 miles to 518

(note the map omits the straight shot portion of the route up 288 from Pearland to the Exit at N Macgregor and the equally straight shot back home)

Thanks Kelly


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