Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nematolepis phebalioides

Sources: Australian National Botanical Gardens

From Nematolepis phebalioides
This flower catches my attention every time I walk through the park.  It can be found in several places, but is most easily found (with a sign to confirm its name) on the dirt path above the Acacia Steps.

I have been watching these flowers and every time I saw them I'd vainly try to remember their names.  Normally when I have trouble with a plant name I just revert to the common name and call it even, but the Nematolepis has no common name so I was stuck. The entire genus is made up of this single species and it grows nowhere else in the world besides Western Australia.  It's endemic region is a small area of the South Coast, East of Albany to Israelite Bay, but we are lucky to have them in the park.

It grows to about 3 ft high and produces 5 petaled flowers that merge into a tiny elongated bell with a green tip that is bird pollinated.


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