Thursday, August 12, 2010

Conostephium pendulum

From Conostephium pendulum
Sources: Perth Plants pg 74
Australian Journal of Botany

I love this little flower.  It looks to all the world like a weed until it bursts into bloom usually from March to October.  Even after it displays it's tiny purple tipped white flowers it is easy to overlook because it grows low to the ground and is far from spectacular.  Still, it is tiny and pretty and unusual in color and form.  Maybe that's why I like it.  It's easy to overlook, but rewarding to remember.

This plant can only be pollinated by bees because the pollen is released internally by the anthers and must be shaken out by the buzzing of the bees.  If you see a bee on this flower, look closely because it is likely to be a native (stingless) bee and also because it is rare to see a pollinator visit.  The flower has no nectar, just pollen so the bee has to visit other plants to acquire nectar.

We are right in the middle of its endemic region which extends from just South of Geraldton down to the Cape.  You will find it all along the Law Walk these days.  Usually on the escarpment side of the track.  It is also all over the bushland area so walk slowly and enjoy our park.


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