Friday, July 23, 2010

Hardenbergia comptoniana

From Hardenbergia comptoniana
SOURCES: Perth Plants (Russell Barrett & Eng Pin Tay) 1st Ed. pg 86
Aust Native Plant Society
Photos: P. Wilshaw, M. Taylor

Family: Fabaceae

Common names: Native wisteria

Genus: Hardenbergia - Named by English botanist George Bentham in 1837 after Franziska Countess von Hardenberg, a 19th century patroness of botany who sponsored early botanical research in Australia. The story goes that he was in love with the Countess and named the plant after her beautiful green eyes!

An evergreen, twining woody-stemmed climber, one of the few climbers in Kings Park.
Leaves: Dark green, leathery. Three or rarely 5-folioalate
Flowers: Blue-purple with a yellow-green 'eye', rarely white or pink. Flowers July-October
Pods: Narrow, cylindrical

Found: Dongara to Albany, WA. Common and widespread in bushlands of Kings Park and Bold Park. There are both broad and narrow leaved forms in the parks.

C. Carlton

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