Friday, July 30, 2010

Calectasia - Blue Tinsel Lily/Star of Bethlehem

From Calectasia
Sources: Perth Plants, Barrett & Tay, pg 190
Location:  Serventy Path just North of the Broadwalk crossing

I was introduced to this little plant as the Blue Tinsel Lily aka Calectasia grandiflora when we found it growing on the Serventy Path just before it crosses the BroadWalk (see "Bushland Tracks" pamphelt.)  But there is another species of Calectasia that also grows in our park commonly referred to as the Star of Bethlehem or Calectasia narragara.  

The difference between these two species is slight in that the C. grandiflora has slightly larger flowers, although neither flower can be remotely considered large being smaller than an Australian 5 cent coin.  And the C. grandiflora's flower usually turns a bit brown on the edges as it ages.

It may be more likely that this is a C. narragara as Kings Park is the type location for that species while the C. grandiflora generally grows in more swampy areas.

In either case, look hard for this beauty on the East Side of the Serventy Path just north of the Broadwalk.  It is a small fellow, but sure to please.

M. Taylor

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