Monday, July 17, 2006

Alvin to Galveston with Dinner in Freeport

Here's a nice gentle ride for enjoyment of the wife. Starting in Alvin, TX and winding a leisurely rumble through the evening cool. Ok, it's July in South Texas, but I gotta dream of cool weather sometimes.

Anyway, here's how Santa Chuck set-up and reports the 165 mile ride.

We left the Shell station in Alvin (528/35) @ 4:15pm. Seems many had not been on some of these roads and CR316 out of 4 corners was a first for me also. I heard some good comments about the roads and selection so guess we did good. The resturant is called On the River, 919 West 2nd Street, Freeport. The "river" is old lost river and this resturant used to sit on the other side of 2nd street years and years ago. Capt Elliotts fishing fleet operate across the street from current location of the resturant. Turns out that I was the only one to have ever eaten here before. Bet it won't be the last time for this group! Our waitress was Audrey and man was she good. She ever took all of Todds BS and came back for more. The corn bread you'll just have to try and the home made cole slaw, too good to be true. Really TALL glasses of ice tea and water to quince our parched bodies and tasty food was consumed. We decided to take the Blue Water Hwy down to Galveston and then asked Todd to lead us to "The Spot" on the Seawall. There we took part in some creamy ice cream for dessert. More visit time then Todd took us via the Strand to Harborside to 45 and home.


SR-35 S to 1462 turn Right

1462 to 521 t
urn Right
521 to CR42 turn Left (my favorite local road)

42 back to
1462 turn Right
462 to Cow Creek Road turn Left
Cow Creek
Rd changes names to Nash Rd and CR 25 CR25 to Columbia Lakes and turn Right on 35
35 to 36 turn Left

36 to 522 turn Right

522 to 1459 turn Left

1459 to 524 turn Left

524 to CR316 go straight
316 to 2611 turn Left

2611 to 36 turn Right
36 turns into 288 and then 2nd Street
Look for the resturant and enjoy

After Dinner, mount up and head out and turn Right on Ve
lasco Blvd Velasco to 322 turn Right 322 to the Blue Water Highway turn Left

Have $2.00 ready for the toll bridge over to Galveston and just follow the highway al
l the way in.

"The Spot" will be on your Left, at about 25th street.
After your ice cream, you can head back toward where you
came and take any Right hand turn or continue down the sea wall and take any left to get to SR 87 which turn into IH 45 to take you back to Houston. Have a great trip.


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